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Polar Metal Opposites: New Album Streams from All Pigs Must Die and Mercenary


All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature

Axl and I can’t be the only metalheads who enjoy seemingly disparate metal bands like All Pigs Must Die and Mercenary in equal doses, right? Surely the people who vomit into the comments section on this site either a) are trolling, or b) represent a small fraction of the metal populace? Right? Please? Guys? … Anyone?

Hardcore supergroup All Pigs Must Die feature in their ranks members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge and Bloodhorse. But you know this, MetalSucks reader, because we’ve written about these guys in the past, like, a lot. They also happen to have an album that came out yesterday, but you know this too, o MetalSucks reader, since you do exactly what we say and immediately streamed the track “Silencer” when it was released a few weeks back. And now you will do the same with all of new album Nothing Violates This Nature (order here) streaming below courtesy of Invisible Oranges. It’s what MS writer “Gore” Vidal describes as “pain, expertly delivered,” in a review we’ll be publishing in the coming days.

Mercenary bassist René Pedersen had this to say about his band’s new album: “We wanted to combine the huge sound of the older Mercenary, and the more modern direct approach from Metamorphosis, and make the ultimate Mercenary album. Did we succeed? You decide!” Of course he’s referencing the fact that his band lost a shit-ton of members, something that almost almost results in a shift in musical direction, intended or not. So, did they succeed at Pedersen’s stated goal on Through Our Darkest Days? I guess, maybe, to some extent. But when I think Mercenary I think of the borderline ridiculous bombast on 2008′s Architect of Lies, and that’s just not happening here. There are still some pretty tasty songs and riffs, though. Stream the album below via Decibel:

Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days

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