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Here’s the New Trivium Song “Brave This Storm”


Trivium - Vengeance Falls

There was some chatter in the MS comments section when we posted a live bootleg of the new Trivium song “Brave This Storm” on Monday that 2008’s Shogun was the band’s best album, an assertion I whole-heartedly endorse. The band’s debut, Ascendancy, had some songs that still rank among the band’s best, but the songwriting was very green and a bit derivative of the metalcore of the day. The Metallica ape-fest that was The Crusade has been beaten to death deeper than Lars Ulrich’s fading hairline, but the band’s third album really showed a progression in Trivium’s songwriting and unique voice. In Waves followed in that vein but didn’t have quite the chops to back it up; it sorta felt like Shogun Part II, but without the caliber of songs.

So here’s “Brave This Storm,” the first song we’re hearing from the David Draiman-produced (ugh) Vengeance Falls, out later this year. The riff in the verse is very Disturbed-y, but otherwise is sound like a decent entry in the Trivium canon if a bit “stock” sounding, to invoke Ulrich once again. Both guitar solos are pretty sweet though. So, we’ll see?

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