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“Never Never”: So, Korn Fans? Do You Like The Band’s First New Single with Brian “Head” Welch Since 2003?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Korn - The Paradigm Shift

Alright, let’s cut the shit: some of you out there really like Korn, and at this point, I think it’s clear that neither myself nor Vince share your enthusiasm. So rather than post this radio rip of the new Korn single, “Never Never,” and talk about how lame I think it is and how insincere I find Jonathan Davis’ moaning “I’ll never love again!” to be when he’s been married since 2004 (his second marriage — so he did love again), I wanna ask you, for real —

Do you dig this? Did the return of Brian “Head” Welch to the fold make any serious impact on the band’s music, as some have claimed it would? Does this make you look forward to or dread Korn’s new album, The Paradigm Shift? Are you at all bothered by the fact that this is a pop song with few, if any, metallic traits? I’m genuinely curious to hear what people who actually dig Korn think.

The release of Korn’s The Paradigm Shift has just been moved back one week, to October 8.

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