Viral Vomit

Music Video: Grind Band Baby Godzilla Does 40 Shots of Jäger in Two Minutes and Pukes It All Up



The best thing about this video is the massive amount of spontaneous puking. SO MUCH PUKE. The second best thing is that these dudes instantly vomit their Jager right back into their shotglasses and then drink it again. Dude second from the right only makes three shots in before spewing nasty brown liquid from his piehole! Then passes out against the wall with his eyes rolled back into his like a cartoon character. Meanwhile, the third best thing: dude all the way on the right doesn’t puke at all, finishes his ten shots before everyone else, then whips out another bottle of Jager, drinks that, grabs a shot from the dude next to him, drinks that, then finally gives up the ghost. This whole stunt had to be his idea, right? The fourth best thing… ah, fuck it, this entire video is completely brilliant. Watch:

Thanks: Mungo D.

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