Don’t Touch Baby Godzilla’s Dial


Good lord, the dudes in Baby Godzilla sure are gluttons for punishment. We first discovered this band via their magical video for “Trogloraptor,” in which, over the course of slightly more than two minutes, the group’s members did forty shots of Jäger, puked those shots up, and then drank that puke. (It was like “Two Girls, One Cup,” only, y’know, not as sexy.) Now, in their latest video, for the song “Don’t Touch That Dial,” the band’s members are tied to chairs, unwilling participants in gameshow that might best be described as the nightmarish cocaine-fueled vision of the world’s biggest Hostel fan. None if it is quite as fucked-up as drinking your own Jäger-puke hybrid, but still… no one can accuse these fellas of not suffering for their art.

“Don’t Touch That Dial” appears on Baby Godzilla’s Knockout Machine, which you can buy here.

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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