Black Label Society Release Coffee, Hilarious Commercial for Coffee


Good lord, I want to like Zakk Wylde’s music so much. A couple of weeks ago I listened to No More Tears all the way through for the first time in forever and, yup, still awesome. (Black Label Society’s re-recording of the title track, not so much.) Then I listened to Ozzmosis for the first time since who even remembers when, and you know what? It’s not as lame as I remember it. But you can hear the beginnings of Wylde running out of new ideas and drifting off into self-parody.

It’s a bummer, because not only does it always suck when someone who used to make such amazing shit now, like, doesn’t make such amazing shit anymore, but also because Wylde seems like the funniest bro ever. Pretty much every time the dude opens his mouth or appears in any kind of web interview or skit or whatever, he makes me laugh. Case in point:

Really someone should just get this dude a sitcom or Amy Schumer-style sketch/variety show or whatever. I would totally watch that shit, wouldn’t you?

Oh yeah right incidentally in case it wasn’t clear Black Label Society makes coffee now, so that’s a thing.

BLS Valhalla Java

[via Metal Injection]

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