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We Want YOU

We’ve gotten to know a LOT of metal musicians over the years, and time and time again, those musicians have raised the same question —

Why is there not a website catering to the gear needs of metal musicians?

Oh, sure, some of metal’s highest-charting acts, like Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold, get attention from mainstream guitar, drum, and bass magazines. But there has been, to date, no single media outlet dedicated solely to covering gear through the prism of extreme music. Which seems weird, given that metal nerds are known to be total gear heads!

So MetalSucks and Metal Injection decided to team up to solve this little problem. And solved it we have: this fall, we’ll launch a new website, Gear Gods, which will be THE go-to destination for all the latest news and reviews of guitars, drums, cymbals, basses, keyboards, mics, amps, effects pedals and racks, studio equipment, software, and anything and everything else you could ever possibly file under “gear”… all as it pertains to metal. It’s gonna be killer, if we do say so ourselves.

We’ve already begun to line up great content, including guest columns from some of the most cutting-edge musicians and producers in metal today. But we’re still missing one key piece of the puzzle: namely, an editor-in-chief and lead columnist.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a talented writer with a strong authorial voice to basically take the lead (pun intended) on Gear Gods. Think you have what it takes? Make sure you meet these requirements first:

  • Must be able to write and publish 3-5 posts per weekday in a timely fashion. Posts do not have to be novel sized — if you read our sites, you already know what we consider to be an appropriate length.
  • Must possess a working knowledge of instruments and equipment. If you don’t know anything about guitars, how are you gonna write about ’em?
  • Must possess a working knowledge of metal music, both past and present. We feel like we shouldn’t have to say this, but we’re just covering our butts.
  • Must be able to administer Gear Gods’ social network outlets, including Facebook and Twitter.

And while they’re not requirements, we’ll definitely be that much more impressed if you —

  • Possess a working knowledge of HTML.
  • Possess a working knowledge of WordPress.
  • Possess any experience coding and/or doing web design.
  • Possess basic photo editing and/or Photoshop skills
  • Possess any prior experience working in the media, have had your writing published elsewhere, etc.

Does that sound like you? Great! Then send an e-mail to info AT geargods DOT net with the subject line GEAR GODS EDITOR. Include your name, a cover letter, a link to or attachment of a writing sample, and whatever other info you think we should have.

Please note that while this is a paid position, it is not a full-time job. But it’s a brand new website with a lot of room for expansion — and as the site grows, so will the compensation.

And… that’s about it! We look forward to reading your submissions and, fingers crossed, welcoming one of you to the Gear Gods team!

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