Watch Part One of Noisey’s New “Documentary” About Ghost


Noisey have released the first episode of their new, Greg Olliver-directed series about Ghost, the cleverly titled Papaganda. Actually, that title tells you a LOT about the “documentary.” It is, on the one hand, surprisingly revealing about the members of Ghost (it’s weird to hear the supposedly-real, not-at-all intimidating voice of one of the Nameless Ghouls), and on the other hand, clearly not-at-all revealing about the members of Ghost. For example, we get to see an interview with the man who is allegedly Papa Emeritus II (“The Olde One” of the episode’s title) without his make-up… but he himself is wearing make-up that looks like a superior version of Ryan Gosling’s rubber mask from the movie Drive:

papa emeritus 2 and ryan gosling in drive

Then the Nameless Ghoul says that he hopes Papa Emeritus II has read his contract, because “his days are numbered” and there will soon be a Papa Emeritus III.

So even if the information contained in this video isn’t exactly “real” in the strictest definition of the word, well… it’s still highly entertaining! And beautifully shot, I might add. Give it a look:

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