Costa Rican Melodeath Masters Sight of Emptiness Jam with Whitfield Crane in New Video


That Sight of Emptiness are from Costa Rica is certainly an interesting footnote — they’ve managed to garner quite a bit of worldwide attention despite geographic isolation from the international metal scene — but their music stands quite well on its own regardless. We’ve had our eye on these guys since 2010, and it’s great to see them not just soldiering on but continuing to get better as the years wear on.

Ugly Kid Joe’s Whitefield Crane lends guests vocals to their new track “Essence,” and somehow, presumably via the magic of green screens and the Internet, he manages to make an appearance in their new video for the song as well. Crane’s relationship with the band goes back to at least 2010, when he performed a tribute to Dio, Peter Steele and Paul Gray with the band in Costa Rica.

This song is really damned catchy and Crane’s vocals provide the perfect “good cop” element without being cheesy in the slightest. And I love that a guy like Crane whose own band’s music isn’t really current anymore is willing to experiment with a more modern band.

New album Instincts is available for streaming now through the band’s website.

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