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Necrophobic Vocalist Tobias Sidegård Found Guilty of Domestic Abuse


Necrophobic Tobias

Necrophobic vocalist Tobias Sidegård has been found guilty of abusing his wife and children. News about that charges first broke a few weeks back, after which Sidegård emailed MetalSucks directly to deny wrong-doing and inform us that he was currently out of prison seeking a second appeal. Unfortunately for him the final judgment has now been handed down and he’ll be going back into the slammer, although for a reduced sentence of 6 months from the original 18.

Metal Insider has the scoop on today’s news:

Sidegård was found guilty of two charges of “abuse.” He was originally accused of “severe abuse to a female partner.” The court found that testimony from his ex-wife Linda was not found altogether trustworthy, in that she hadn’t been totally forthcoming about her own drug use. That seems to have played a part in the reduced sentence. The court still had full trust in the testimony the children gave, however. As part of the term, he has to pay Linda 16,000 kronor plus interest, which works out to around $2,500. It’s not known whether time already served will shorten his sentence.

Obviously we’re not in a position to say whether Sidegård is guilty or not, but if he is, six months and $2,500 doesn’t seem like a very harsh sentence. Hopefully Sidegård and his wife can clean up during his time in prison and put this ugly mess behind them.

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