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For a Mere $375, You, Too, Can Have Your Very Own Homemade Vintage Megadeth/Dio/W.A.S.P. Jacket from Urban Outfitters


Hey, kids, does this ever happen to you? You’re at a show seeing one of the hottest, most extreme young bands in metal — say, Sunn O))), Liturgy, or Black Sabbath. You’re wearing your coolest, most authentic metal tee — the Anthrax shirt you got from Urban Outfitters, natch — and you’re rocking out hard, standing mere feet away from the mosh pit, headbanging like you don’t even have work in the morning!!!

But — oh no — what’s this? As you look around at your fellow concertgoers, you notice that all the hippest metal fans are wearing vintage leather jackets this season. But not just any vintage leather jackets — ones upon which the logos of various metal bands have been hand-drawn, sloppily, sure, but with love — you might even argue, in fact, that the unprofessional nature of the logo illustrations is a true sign of the fan’s adoration of the bands, so devoted is he to the music he loves, so willing to live on the edge and take it to the limit that he doesn’t even care his jacket looks like it wasn’t manufactured by small children in a third world country!

Clearly, YOU need such a jacket, lest you be the laughing stock at the Metallica reunion show next week!!! But who has time to make such a jacket? I mean, you have to go out, buy a coat, age it (or, if you’re really that desperate, buy a used coat), and then spend singles of hours drawing the logos on the back! How do these people find the time? Surely, the bosses at their firms don’t just let them sit in their cubicles drawing on jackets all day… do they?

Well, hey, metal heads, fret no longer: there is absolutely no need to make your own jacket, because once again, the fashionistas at Urban Outfitters are here to help you take care of all of your extreme heavy metal music accessory needs! Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the Vintage Men’s Megadeth Leather Jacket, now on sale for just $375:

Urban Outfitters Vintage Megadeth Jacket

This one-of-a-kind, excellent, acceptably-terrible condition jacket was hand-painted by an ardent Dio fan who didn’t have the confidence to paint the actual Dio logo but did have the creativity to make one of his own!!! Carbon dating places the jacket’s creation time circa the 1990s, at the dawn of metal itself!!!

Clearly, this is a must-own. Buy it here, only from Urban Outfitters!!!

Urban Outfitters New Slogan 2013

[via Metal Insider]

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