Red Fang Round-Up: Full Album Stream! Tour Kick-Off! Beer-Themed Video Game! Reminder to Enter Our Guitar Solo Contest!!!


Red Fang - Whales and LeechesI’m gonna do this in list form for convenience:

  1. Red Fang’s terrific new album, Whales and Leeches, is now streaming in full over at Pitchfork. Our own Kip Wingerschmidt praised the album’s “raise-your-fists-and-beer-mugs-high kind of music,” which should be all the recommendation you need. Mosh here. It comes out October 15 on Relapse.
  2. The band kicks off a headlining trek tomorrow in Sacramento! These mo’fos are fierce live, so you do not wanna miss ’em. Get dates here!
  3. In celebration of Whales and Leeches‘ impending release, the band has a launched a fun little video game right here. The object of the game is to get as drunk as possible without spilling your beer. You can also take a pizza break, a piss break, or a smoke break. I shit you not. I don’t know if the game has an official title, but they should call it “Every Night of Axl Rosenberg’s Life.” It’s like The Catcher in the Rye of online video games! IT SPEAKS TO ME!!!
  4. If you haven’t already entered the Red Fang/”Blood Like Cream” guitar solo contest that MetalSucks is currently presenting in association with  Relapse Records and IndieMerch Store, well, you’re a goddamn fool. Have not the seen the list of the cool shit that’s being given to the winner? Go cock-slap yourself for being a lazy asshole who drags his feet, then enter the damned contest.

In conclusion, RED FANG 4 EVA.

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