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Not Content to Stop at Socks and Christmas Sweaters, Slayer Announce Line of Ugly Sunglasses and Snowboard Goggles

  • Axl Rosenberg

Call me jaded, but I’m at a point where I don’t feel the need to “represent” every second of every day. For example, if I go snowboarding, I don’t really need every other snowboarder on the mountain to know that I like Slayer. Nor do I feel the need to remind myself that I like Slayer during such activities; after all, the chances that other snowboarders would even see what I was wearing was pretty slim, so I might as well be wearing Slayer socks or Slayer underwear. I mean, what are the chances they even see what I’m wearing?

But maybe you DO feel the need to represent every single second of every day. In which case, yay you, Arnette now makes these really ugly Slayer sunglasses and snowboard goggles:

slayerglassesarnette_slayer_goggle arnette-skylight-slayer arnette-skylight-goggles-slayer-dark-grey-lens-alt-view

The goggles retail for $180, and even though snowboarding goggles are always on the expensive side, that’s expensive even for expensive, y’know? So yeah I will not be buying these.

On the other hand, I am strongly considering buying this hat for MetalSucks’ resident fishing expert, Vince Neilstein:Fish Slayer Hat for Vince

[via The PRP]

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