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Broken Hope Guitarist Jeremy Wagner Comments on Violence at Show


Broken HopeTwo quick updates on the story about a fan whose throat was slit at last night’s Deicide/Broken Hope show in El Paso, TX.

First of all, The Miami Herald is now reporting that three people were injured in the altercation, not just one; furthermore, they’re saying that the attack took place “near” the venue, not at the venue. Hopefully there will be some confirmation about that soon, ’cause if not, venue security has a lot to answer for.

Second of all, Metal Insider has reached out to Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner, who offered the following statement on the matter:

“I have learned that during our set, that there were a few victims who were cut by the same assailant (wielding a box-cutter). One victim was cut across his throat. Thankfully–by some miracle–paramedics arrived within minutes and tended to the victims wound and saved his life. The assailant was subdued and arrested by the police. Crazy shit, guys. I’m glad the victims are going to survive.”

It’s great, of course, to hear that the victims will survive (although I’m not sure where Wagner got that information). But this whole situation is still beyond-fucked up. Hopefully all details of the story will be made available soon.

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