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Listen: Inquisition’s Multiverse Sinking You

  • Anso DF

Inquisition - Obscure Verses for The Multiverse

The life of a metalhead is not without suspense. Think of the times when you’ve pressed play on a new jam, one that blasts you in the face in its first two seconds. Whooaa, you think, attention riveted. But then comes the suspense: Will the big start just peter out? Does the whole album deliver on the promise of its first moments? How long until you are forced to conclude that its authors can write music that’s awesome for a few seconds, but then … ugh there’s 40 more minutes of this? Just this?

We named this phenomenon after Snapcase, a band whose records at first launch us into mosh mode but then leave us to wither like untended boners at a crowded gangbang. (See also: Cradle Of Filth.) It’s why you might be suspicious of the exciting first bars of Inquisition’s new album Obscure Verses For The Multiverse. It launches a missile right past your skull, but as you turn to watch it fly, you might wonder if its range is long or short. Cuz hey, its massive initial thrust seems unsustainable for most. But what about Inquisition and Multiverse? Can they keep this projectile aloft? Ooohh the suspense!

Inquisition’s Obscure Verses For The Multiverse is out Tuesday. Pre-order here.

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