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Exclusive Track Premiere: “Aura Negative” by Pestilence


Pestilence - Obsideo Large

Some hippie dippie once told us we had a negative aura; as a result of our less-than-passive response, we have now been banned from the town of Berkley all together.

If only we had had Pestilence’s stunningly feral new track, “Aura Negative,” back then! We could have played it for Woodstock Jr. Jr. and watched with delight as his face contorted with sheer terror before his entire body imploded under the weight of the massive groove that kicks in around the :58 mark. “No positive aura can save you from this shit, dude!” we might have shouted with glee. “Stay groovy!”

It may be too late for us to put that dumb hippie in his place, but now you can make the dumb hippie in your neighborhood wet himself courtesy of Pestlience’s “Aura Negative,” which we are oh-so-proud to be debuting on MetalSucks today! Check it out below!!! The song will appear on Pestilence’s crushing new album, Obsideo, which comes out November 11 on Candlelight Records. Pre-orders will be available soon at this link.

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