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BREAKING: Has David Draiman Learned to Turn Off His Caps Lock?!?!


draiman caps locks success

My brothers and sisters my blood,

Our brother our blood David Draiman has posted the following announcement on the official Facebook page of Not Disturbed:

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 10.03.35 PM

And so it was at first that I t’were indeed most saddened to see that many of our European brothers and sisters our blood would miss the opportunity to see Not Disturbed. But after careful consideration I did thus find this silver lining thusly oh my brothers and my sisters my blood: David Draiman’s use of the key that shall lock all caps is of the utmost appropriatude. Whom has thus taught him this lesson? I know not, but I am grateful to my mystery brother or sister my blood for teaching my brother my blood David Draiman thusly.

This blog post now comes to its conclusion. I’d like to thank all of my brothers and sisters my blood who read it for the opportunity, for your friendship, for your kind heart, your gentle soul, your witty repartee, your outstanding sense of direction, your excellent table manners, the way it sounds like a little baby mouse when you sneeze, how you always know something is wrong even when I’ve said no such thing, and for your understanding.

Sincerely, and with my deepest respect,

Axl Rosenberg


The Hun

[via Metal Underground]

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