Sean Yseult from White Zombie is in a Horrible Band Called Star & Dagger Now


Wordsmith and former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult, who once erroneously claimed to have been “the sole woman not only in White Zombie, but in the entire metal scene” from 1985 to 1996, has a new band called Star & Dagger. I am familiar with them now only because their new video for the song “In My Blood” premiered on Metal Injection, who noted that the clip contains “heavy inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.” You had me at “Kubrick.”

Unfortunately, not only is the band weak (what is up with all these once-famous musicians starting slightly-above-average bar bands???), but the video is awful, largely due to what I assume were budgetary constraints. For one thing, a lot of these shots are of the band performing in front of the world’s cheapest-looking chroma keyed version of the Overlook Hotel. But there’s also the way they handled young Danny’s infamous visions of murder while riding around the Overlook: instead of dead little girls in the middle of a bloody hallway, Star & Dagger have “dead” instruments in the middle of a bloody hallway. Except that even just a quick glance reveals that the blood is mostly shiny paper, possibly intended for gift wrapping:

star dagger shining video 2

I’m guessing what happened is, no one wanted to risk ruining the instruments by putting them in a pile of karo syrup (or whatever they’re using to make fake blood these days), and so wrapping paper somehow became the solution. It probably would have been less silly to ditch the instruments idea and just have members of the band laying dead in pools of blood, but maybe their costumes were rentals and thus they couldn’t karo syrup on those, either.

Here, enjoy the poor production values of the video for yourself:

“In My Blood” appears on Star & Dagger’s Tomorrowland Blues, which is out now.

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