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Meggan Lambesis Files Civil Suit Against Tim Lambesis; Seeks More Than $2 Million

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lambesis Civil SuitLambesisgoat continues to be the Woodward and Bernstein of Tim Lambesis’ ongoing legal woes. The latest: Meggan Lambesis filed a civil suit against Tim this past August, claiming “personal injury,”  “assault, domestic violence,” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress,” and seeking more than $2 million: a million dollars for emotional distress, a million dollars for punitive damages, $25,000 for medical expenses already incurred,  $75,000 for future medical expenses, and lawyers’ fees. Obviously there’s no way of knowing the lawyers’ fees until this is all wrapped up, ’cause those fine folks charge based on time spent working. But in prior divorce proceedings, her seven-person legal team was said to charge $1,740 per hour. I don’t know if all of those people will be employed for this civil suit as well, but… we can assume the cost won’t be minimal.

And, sadly, there’s even more: Lambesisgoat has learned many details of the couples’ divorce proceedings, including confirmation that Tim Lambesis was living with another woman at the time of his arrest, and various details of the couples’ finances. You should really head over there to read the entire thing, but I will call attention to the part which, frankly, confuses the heck outta me:

“In court papers, Tim stated that he has been unemployed since May 10, 2013; he last filed taxes for year 2010. Tim reported: ‘All tours were cancelled and the record label does not want to release any albums; the band still has an outstanding debt that will need to be repaid from any future income. The band was advanced 200k two years ago for a contract. That contract ended 6 mos ago and paying back $150k.’”

I don’t doubt that the band is in debt ’cause that’s obviously very common, but the not filing taxes since 2010 part confuses me. An accountants in the house wanna explain? Is it possible he made no income during those years despite the fact that the band was consistently recording and touring?

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