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Rings of Saturn’s Lucas Mann Wants $20,000 of Your Indiegogo Moneys, Isn’t Going to Get It

Photo Credit: Maclyn Bean's Flickr
Photo Credit: Maclyn Bean’s Flickr

Guitar Pro icon and half-speed recording extraordinaire Lucas Mann has launched an Indiegogo campaign to finance a solo album. Unfortunately for him, it’s not going very well: as of today, with seven days left in the campaign, he has raised just a shade over $1,000 of the $20,000 he’s seeking. Yikes!

In his mission statement for the campaign Mann states a desire to go to a “high end studio in order to make the album top quality for everyone.” But here’s the thing: this is a friggin’ solo album! I’d be shocked if Rings of Saturn received $20,000 from their label to record their most recent album — shit, I’d be surprised if they got $10,000 for that — and so it strikes me as totally batshit insane that Mann is asking so much for a side project. Side projects and solo albums are typically done on the cheap, at home — during spare time — using readily available recording software and good old sweat equity. Keith Merrow and JEFF MOTHERFUCKING LOOMIS can record an album for $15,000 — but Lucas Mann needs $20k? What in the fuck? The audacity!

At least the kid laid out his recording expenses in detail, but really they should read more like this:

  • Guitar Pro: $59.95
  • Garageband: free
  • Potato chips: $0.99
  • Inspiration: free [via PornHub.com]

I mean, come on… a Lucas Mann solo album. For chrissakes. He should put it out through Bandcamp as a “pay what you wish” download and be happy that anybody cares enough to donate something. This is good enough for Cloudkicker and countless other artists, but not Lucas Mann.

In any case it seems as if the album will never come to fruition, barring a last minute donation surge: “If the funding goal isn’t reaching in 60 days, all contributions will automatically be refunded by the Indiegogo site and unfortunately the album will not be able to be made.” Oh well… it’s a crying shame, really.

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