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Video: How to Hold a Microphone


Remember those awesomely hilarious (and totally educational!) videos, “How to Get Your Band Ready for the Studio,” that were produced earlier this year by Glenn Fricker from  Spectre Studios? Well, Mr. Fricker is back, this time with a video tutorial on “How to Hold a Microphone.” I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there are people out there so dumb they’ve never given thought to this issue before and are improperly handling their mic, and yet, it does. I’m naive.

ANYWAY, Fricker is very much a man after my own heart — grumpy and unwilling to suffer fools — and once again he’s providing some very useful information in clear, simple language that any musician can understand. He’s also funny as hell. Favorite quote: “Bass players might wanna leave the room for this next part, as it’s gonna require some brain power. Maybe you guys can go find a ball to bounce.”

Watch n’ learn, bitches:

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