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Sh*t That Came Out Yesterday*: December 3, 2013


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Welcome to December, ladies and djentlemen. Um, so there’s going to be like snow and shit (unless you’re a southerly reader in which case, eff you). But there’s also gonna be super sexy new jams to keep you warm and dry! Or make you wet.


Beastmilk - ClimaxBeastmilk
Climax (Magic Bullet)
On a playlist with: The Doors, The Ocean, The The
Listen Climax full stream (here)

Ever rock those albums which fall in between genres so perfectly that they kind of lose ties to both ends? I can’t tell what kind of post-tomfoolery Climax is, but it’s bringing me to one hell of a climax.  There’s something deliciously ambient and upbeat yet still serious about Beastmilk’s sexy little calf. Moo. (Oh and produced by the Converge guitarist, I’m okay with that). Climax even rolls toward sounding like The Doors in some parts, but other parts have definite flavors of The Ocean. But overall I love the sick you’re-not-sober ambiance that Climax emanates at every moment.


i existI Exist
From Darkness (Prosthetic)
On a playlist with: Malrun, Stria, High On Fire
Listen “Sorrow On Hill 105” (here) “Lightning Curse” (here)

Not that being from down under makes any real difference, the fact that From Darkness is sexy gloom and doom should be noted! There’s something both southern and European about the album which pops out immediately. It’s definitely aided by how the low rocky growls turn into legit bar-rock yelling on a whim. Also, the drum break and the little tremolos in “Sorry On Hill 105” are wonderfully simple. So when you’re done having your brain teased left and right by bombshell kamikaze tech-death riffs, mellow out to this shit.


Kuolemanlaakso Musta Aurinko NouseeKuolemanlaakso
Musta aurinko nousee EP (Svart)
On a playlist with: Candlemass, Krux, Solitude Aeturnus
Listen Musta aurinko nousee full stream (here)

Melodinen doom, sanot? Rakastan sitä ja niin sinun pitäisi. Ja kuuntelet albumin kopioit tämän tekstin kääntäjä ja toivottavasti maksat enemmän huomiota siihen, miten helvetin hyvä se kuulostaa. Tiedäthän sen sijaan, että paska mitä sanon toisella kielellä, että en voi puhua. Get it!


Truth CorrodedTruth Corroded
The Saviours Slain (AFM)
On a playlist with: Dew Scented, The Red Chord, Defleshed
Listen “They Are Horror” (here)

Have you ever been in the mod for some straight-up death/thrash that actually slows down at points? Like with long and strung-out harmonized riffs and a little big of slow chugga-chug here and there? The Saviours Slain is exactly that album. You get all those pumped-up feels that only pure speed and blast beats can bring, but also a bit of drama and pantomime from the variation that Truth Corroded so delicately mixed into it all. You get the feeling that The Saviours Slain could easily have been a generic death album, but the little mixers here and there really keep you on your toes and interested in a second listen. Replay value is value, baby!


The Way Is Shut (Tridroid)
On a playlist with: Nox Arcana, Midnight Syndicate
Listen The Way Is Shut full stream (here)

I feel safe in saying that this is the first ambient metal album I’ve heard which sounds like the soundtrack to a soupy, twisted, Lynch-esque expressionist drama. You get the gamut here: Bird noises, ocean waves, and gentle harping guitars. It’s all very relaxing, like those clocks you used to buy in the early 2000’s which had all the sound soothing settings. But this is in no way repetitive, nor is it flat or obviously tracked. It’s a very gorgeous collection of very gorgeous noises which will definitely have you shitting rainbows. Oh, also the way the drums come in on “Where The Sea Meets The Land” gave me goosebumps.


A Hero For The WorldA Hero For The World
Winter Is Coming: A Holiday Rock Opera (Jacob K)
On a playlist with: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Santa’s evil twin Jerome
Listen selections from Winter Is Coming: A Holiday Rock Opera (here)

Well, winter is already here. But that’s no reason that we can’t rock out to winter’s dark and twisted arrival with some operatic and melodic glam/hair metal! Also, there’s this whole holiday theme going on which just makes it so much more fitting. Merry Christmas you sexy people, merry Christmas to all!



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