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ASG Fans: Check out Wildlights


Wildlights LogoWhen we last heard from Wildlights, the two-person band featuring ASG vocalist/guitarist Jason Shi and Thunderlip! drummer Johnny Collins, they were called Crusades. They’ve now changed their name (in case that somehow wasn’t obvious from the previous sentence) and signed with Season of Mist… but still, as Vince once wrrote at the time, listening for “A few seconds… is all it’ll take to convince you that one of the dudes from ASG is in this band.” Which is just a funny way of saying that Wildlights sounds a LOT like ASG. Okay so in a certain sense that makes the entire endeavor redundant (when Shi is writing music, what makes him decide “Oh this is an ASG riff” versus “Oh this is a Wildlights riff”?), but on the other hand, ASG is really good and Wildlights seems really good, too, and there ain’t much sense in complaining about good shit. Especially not in a world with Motionless in White, shudder. We need to celebrate all the small contributions to the fight against crap as much as we can.

So. Wildlights has now signed with Season of Mist, who will release their new album sometime next year; in the meantime, below you can check out the song “Anchors” and a snippet of the song “Onward, Upward.” I think you know what to expect from ’em. Listen listen listen:

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