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Burn Halo’s “Wolves of War”: Former Eighteen Visions Vocalist James Hart Gets Back to His Metalcore Roots


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Eighteen Visions were metalcore pioneers, but, like Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu, they eventually abandoned that sound in favor of one more akin to a 21st century update of arena rock acts like Guns N’ Roses. In fact, because 18V’s biggest “hits” — if we define a “hit” as a song the video for which played on Headbanger’s Ball a bunch — were of the rawk anthem/power ballad variety, it seems that there’s a substantial portion of the metal community who don’t even realize that 18V ever were a metalcore band. But they were! And a damned good one. (For more, see Sergeant D.’s 2011 post, “STEALING 18 VISIONS’ IDEAS: A BOOK BY THE 2011 METALCORE SCENE.”)

Alas, unlike A7X (and Atreyu to a much, much, MUCH lesser extent), Eighteen Visions never really found success as a latter day hair metal act, and eventually went the way of Ian Watkins’ freedom. The band’s vocalist, James Hart, then went on to form another band, Burn Halo, who, last we heard, were pretty much picking up where Eighteen Visions left off.

But now Burn Halo have released a new song, “Wolves of War,” and it would seem that they’re devolving! And I know “devolving” is a word which usually carries negative connotations, but I mean no disrespect by it: “Wolves of War” is a metalcore song through and through, and it also kicks ass. Honestly, most metalcore bands that have managed to find a far larger audience than 18V ever did can’t write a song this catchy. I won’t name names but I will give you a hint as to which bands I’m talking about: All That Remains and The Devil Wears Prada and Attila.

Check out “Wolves of War” below. Burn Halo will have a new album out later this year.

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