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Axl Rose is Good with Finance


Axl Rose Wipes His Ass with Money

Last week, Steve Fishman wrote an article for Vulture entitled “What Happened When Axl Rose Rented My Apartment.” Unsurprisingly, it’s a very funny piece, but not for the reasons you might expect. Although the Rose of yesteryear had a reputation for being destructive (he once famously tried to push a grand piano out of the window of his Los Angeles mansion), the Rose of 2013 was a considerably better tenant.

Fishman reveals that Rose rented his 5,300 square foot Tribeca apartment for “an extraordinary rent,” including “six months’ rent as a security deposit.” Now, for those of you not familiar with New York real estate market, allow me to provide some perspective: this 3,000 square foot loft in the same neighborhood is going for $25,000/month, while this 6,000 square foot home in the ‘hood is going for $42,000/month. And, again — Rose was paying “an extraordinary rent.” Meaning that Rose was paying MORE than whatever ridiculous rental price was already being listed.

Now here’s the kicker — Rose paid all that money for the apartment, BUT HE NEVER ACTUALLY MOVED IN:

“My family and I followed Axl’s travels via Google alerts — he was touring in Abu Dhabi and playing a birthday party in Russia. We were repeatedly told by his very nice assistants, a mother and son team, that he was definitely planning a move to New York, which we were informed he’d fallen in love with. (He might even want to buy our place.) This attachment was good news, since as the one-year mark approached, it was time to renew his lease. He still hadn’t set foot in the apartment. We learned that he had been to New York, though, renting a roomy suite at a fancy hotel with a balcony… Still, he renewed — this time at an increased rent.”

So, in other words, Rose most likely paid somewhere between $600,000 and a million dollars (and possibly more!) for an apartment he opted to ignore completely in favor of a hotel suite which, we can assume, was also very pricey. And keep in mind that, again, this didn’t happen during Guns N’ Roses early-90s Use Your Illusion megastar heyday; this happened recently.

Y’know, we can give the dude shit about being fat and crazy and hiring a Slash wannabe and releasing an incredibly expensive record which is now valued at about the same amount of money as a roll of toilet paper, but the guy is obviously doing SOMETHING right. Fuck me naked with a spoon.

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