Babymetal Mosh 4 Ōkami

  • Axl Rosenberg

Babymetal MasksI just watched this Razor TV video interview with Babymetal, and I am now even more fascinated by this totally bizarre Japanese sensation than I was already.

For one thing, that thing they do with their hands (pictured above)? I thought they were just throwing horns in a weird way, but nope! It’s supposed to be a fox! Why a fox?

“The ‘fox god’ guides us in our Babymetal career and towards outstanding performances in the future… We believe the ‘fox god’ is in us during the performance and will guide the way for Babymetal.”

I assume they’re referring to the Japanese god of foxes, Inari Ōkami (who, incidentally, is also the god of Sake!). Does that make Babymetal a religious band? Can we now say “Babymetal Mosh 4 Ōkami”?

Also, did you know that they’re not called “Babymetal” not because of their youth or inherent appeal to pedophiles? The Tall One (her name is Su-metal) clarifies:

“Babymetal is the collaboration between ‘idol’ music and heavy metal. We are a new genre which nobody has done before… We use [the word] ‘baby’ because we are newborn, a new genre.”

HUH! I wonder if they really believe that or it’s just the line they’ve been fed. Su-metal just turned sixteen last month (HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN!), so it seems like she be old enough to at least kinda-sorta be able to sniff out foxshit, right?

ANYWAY, you can, and should, watch the entire interview below:

[via Babymetalmouth]

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