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Live, Right Now: Watch Eyal Levi and Sean Reinert’s Advanced Drum Production Online Course for Free


CreativeLIVE screen cap Eyal

Today is the second day of Eyal Levi’s Advanced Drum Production online course with creativeLIVE, a platform for online video seminars in the creative fields. As we told you earlier this week, Eyal’s got Cynic drummer Sean Reinert in tow this time around after the highly successful beginner-level courses in EZdrummer he ran on his own this fall .

The broadcast is live RIGHT NOW, and guys, this stuff is absolutely FASCINATING. If you have zero prior knowledge of how recording sessions go this class may be a bit over your head, but if you’ve ever been in a band that’s recorded in a professional (or even semi-pro) studio, or you have even a passing interest in home recording, you MUST check this out. Right now as I type this (10:45am EST) Eyal is fooling with mic placements, pre-amp settings and more to get decent sounds from the kit as Reinert fools with drum tuning and bangs out some beats to give him test tones.

You know what? Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a recording studio you should still watch this, even if for only a few minutes, just to get an idea of what goes into making your favorite albums.

What I’m currently watching is a re-broadcast of yesterday’s session as it’s still really early in Seattle where the class is being filmed. Today’s session starts at 12pm EST / 9am PST. Stream it here or via the embed below.

Live streaming video by Ustream

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