Enlarge Two of Masvidal's longtime Cynic collaborators died in 2020.

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Posts Tribute to Sean Malone and Sean Reinert


One year after the unexpected and tragic death of longtime Cynic bassist Sean Malone, band leader Paul Masvidal has posted a tribute to his former bandmate and friend, as well as former Cynic drummer and co-conspirator Sean Reinert, who died in January of 2020.

Posting on social media, Masvidal said:

“Dear Sean and Sean,

“A year ago today, you left this realm, Malone. I am thinking of your friendship and immeasurable commitment to music. Only months before, you swiftly exited, Reinert. I am thinking of how rare our connection was and the legacy you’ve left behind for generations of musicians to come.

“While I celebrate the birth of [new Cynic album] ‘Ascension Codes’ with both of you in my heart, I also mourn your untimely deaths.

“Even though your physical bodies have changed form, your energetic bodies have given us transcendent music that will traverse the cosmos for eternity. And for this I am forever grateful; to have shared a passage of life with creative beings like you, who in the face of your own suffering, gave so much.”

Masvidal revealed this September that Malone died by suicide. He made the announcement along with a new piece of music as a tribute to Malone, a re-working of “Integral” from the band’s 2010 EP Re-Traced [which itself was a re-interpretation of “Integral Birth” from Traced in Air (2008)]. The new-new version features Malone playing a fretless bass solo over the entire track.

Reinert was only 48 when he died of undisclosed causes last January, found unresponsive in his home. His request to have his organs donated was denied due to his status as a gay man. Reinert split with Cynic in 2015 and reached a settlement with Masvidal over the Cynic name two years later.

Cynic’s new album, Ascension Codes, came out earlier this fall. You can stream it in full below.

We continue to wish all the best to the families of the two Seans as well as Masvidal and all of their collective former collaborators and friends.

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