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Coffin Dust - This Cemetery My Kingdom

Unholy Anarchy Records have been killing it for months now, and I’ve been meaning to write about ‘em for just as long. Thankfully, an email about the new Coffin Dust record landed in my inbox just in time to stir the cobwebs from the creaky attic that is my brain and remind me to add them to today’s festivities. The band’s upcoming album’s a total family affair, as is fitting, since most of the Coffin Dust dudes have been kicking around circle pits and haunting basements together since we were all still in high school. The album was recorded by Woe’s Chris Grigg, and features guest vocals from members of Razormaze, Tombstalker, Blood Freak, Night Nurse, Cape of Bats, and Living Decay, as well as from Grigg (a Philly-turned-NYC defector like me). Musically, we’re dealing with full-on death metal with a serious crossover thrash & grind fetish; some parts sound like Gorerotted, some sound like Death, some rep Exhumed, some channel old Slayer, and all of it fucking rules.

As a birthday present to myself (and a general cold-as-fuck-Tuesday gift to y’all) I’m debuting a new song off the Philly death squad’s upcoming LP, This Cemetery, My Kingdom.

“Crack Open A Cold One” here:

Also, check out these other killer Unholy Anarchy bands whilst you’re at it.


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More Philly supremacy, this time in the guise of truly excellent occult black metal; listen to their side of the Opus Serpens 10” split with Mephorash below.


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