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This week sees new releases by Believer, Between the Buried and Me, Indian, Last Chance to Reason, Pentagram, Red Fang, Young Widows and more. MS new release expert Vic Vaughn takes a looksee at each after the jump!

Believer – Transhuman (Metal Blade)
Transhuman is Believer’s second album since reuniting in 2005, and their fifth studio album overall.  The progressive / thrash hybrid band has made three songs available for streaming, which you can listen to here.

Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (Metal Blade)
You know ‘em, a lot of you love ‘em, I can’t stand ‘em. BTBAM’s first release for Metal Blade is an EP, which is the first part of a concept album series the band plans. The album’s three tracks comprise half an hour of material. The record was produced by Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill (he’s also done work for Tool, King Crimson and Circa Survive).

Indian – Guiltless (Relapse)
This thing is a beast. Guiltless is streaming in its entirety over on Stereogum, and it’s musically all over the place… in a good way. The third record from the stoner/doom band is slightly atmospheric, yet the vocals pierce your ears with their intensity. Huge riffs, melodic passages and more over this hour-long masterpiece. Pick this up, you will not regret it. Among Indian’s roster is guitarist Will Lindsay (Wolves In The Throne Room/Nachtmystium/Middian).

Last Chance To Reason – Level 2 (Prosthetic)
LCTR’s take on progressive and technical metal will be released with an accompanying original video game. The band worked with an independent video game creator to make a form of a concept album, with their music as the game’s background music. They definitely make music that would lend itself to video games… while they are playing a lot of technical and heavy stuff, LCTR also stir in a lot of vocal melodies and keyboard parts that sound quite a bit like you’re playing an NES game. The release is their second album (and first for Prosthetic) following 2007’s Lvl. 1. Stream “Programmed for Battle” right here on MetalSucks.

Pentagram – Last Rites (Metal Blade)
Call me jaded, but although I love Pentagram, I’m not too big on this album. Sure, it’s the first record of new Pentagram material since 2004, but I think the band is way past their prime. This just can’t measure up to classics like Pentagram or other early material, presented in collections such as First Daze Here and Turn To Stone. You can’t even consider Last Rites a completely original record, as most Pentagram albums feature re-recordings of old songs, and this is no exception: two of these songs are from Pentagram’s early days, and three more are from Liebling’s former band Stone Bunny. I’ll pick it up, but I’m not holding my breath on this one.

Red Fang – Murder The Mountains (Relapse)
Murder The Mountains is a bold step for Red Fang. Their first record for Relapse is also only their second record overall. The record has much more in common with The Melvins and Big Business than their self-titled LP, which had more of a gruff vocal style and dirtier, faster instrumentals. Was this change due to advice from producer Chris Funk, who maintains his day job playing guitar for indie/folk band The Decemberists? Or is this just the natural progression of the guys in the band? Regardless, the record still slays on many levels.

Summon The Crows – One More For The Gallows (Southern Lord)
Although they describe themselves as a crustcore band, this is really just old-school thrash mixed with blackened vocals. That being said, the Norwegian group is extremely good at what they do. These are some great riffs, delivered with a gallop and flow that keeps you listening when so many thrash revival bands just bore you eventually. This is the third release from the band that has only been active during half of its ten years due to, in their words, “flakey drummers.”

Victims – A Dissident (Deathwish Inc.)
Recorded with Nico Elgstrand (guitarist of Entombed), the Swedish group’s latest offering is a kick in the teeth of raw, punishing music that is definitely rooted in d-beat and hardcore. This is the follow-up to 2009’s Killers, and joins a very long list of releases in the band’s 14-year career.

Young Widows – In And Out Of Youth And Lightness (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Featuring former members of post-hardcore band Breather Resist, Young Widows have already released two excellent post-hardcore records with 2006’s Settle Down City and 2008’s Old Wounds. Their new record continues this streak, and is a definite must-have from the pile of releases 2011 has already dumped upon us. Young Widows’ last release was a series of four splits (each with a different band, including Pelican and Melt Banana) released in late-2008/early 2009.


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