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Anaal Nathrakh Have Entered the [Studio] Building


Anaal Nathrakh

MS reader Lewis H. sent in a link to this, a Facebook post from Anaal Nathrakh mastermind Mick Kenney last week with a short video clip of new music from the studio. Check it out:

As I understand it, the working structure of Anaal Nathrakh is such that Kenney, who now lives in California, writes and record everything on his own, then gets V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (aka Dave Hunt) to put his vocals over top of it when it’s all done. The band hinted as much in January and also said the album would done by the end of February. So, hooray! New Anaal Nathrakh music very soon.

2009’s In The Constellation of the Black Widow is still the band’s crowning achievement for me, and the two albums since have been serviceable but haven’t quite cut the mustard. Hopefully this time around they’ll return to form.

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