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This Phil Fasciana Twitter Account May or May Not Be Real


UPDATE, 1:49 pm: Pittman has since tweeted that this is “Obviously not [the real] Phil!” He also tells MetalSucks via e-mail: 

“The other day, I saw an old friend on Twitter that I haven’t seen in years! So I sent him a quick hello. I hadn’t seen his response and I also had not checked to see what he had Tweeted before I wrote until you made your post today. The Tweets made on this obviously fake account are disgusting and I wish had I seen them before I wrote. One of the downsides to social media is that anyone can create a fake account and at first glance you could think it’s someone that it’s not.”

You’d think at this point, with even his friends being fooled, Fasciana would release some kind of poorly-worded statement verifying this, wouldn’t you?

Original story follows below.

Did MetalSucks inspire Phil Fasciana to get a Twitter account… or did we just inspire (yet another) massive troll? Following last week’s revelations* that Fasciana (and possibly his bandmates) is not only a homophobe but a racist, either the Malevolent Creation guitarist or someone pretending to be Malevolent Creation guitarist started a Twitter account, and the results have been hilarious. I’m just not sure if that hilarity has been deliberate work of satire or the depressing ravings of a lunatic.

Here was the very first tweet that either Phil or “Phil” sent out:

And here are some other highlights since the account went live on Friday:

And this special message got a re-tweet:

So many of these tweets are so deliciously perfect that I think it HAS to be a troll. But for whatever it’s worth, Monte Pittman, at least, seems to think this is the real Phil:

While you debate amongst yourselves whether or not this is Phil for really real, here’s a racist lyric from an old Malevolent Creation song called “They Breed.” Not being much of a MC fan myself, I had no idea it existed until a bunch of you e-mailed it to me over the weekend. This song appeared on the band’s 1996 album, Eternal, which, you may recall, Fasciana claims was recorded “in the middle of niggertown,” where “we couldn’t even go outside to have a cigarette without worrying about getting mugged.”

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