Biggest Putz in Metal Reader Bracket

Rounds 9 – 12: Glenn Danzig Vs. Rob Zombie, Phil Fasciana Vs. Mattie Montgomery, Bret Michaels Vs. C.C. DeVille, Ronnie Radke Vs. Da Kurlzz


Putz Banner rounds 9-12The results from yesterday’s matches are in, and, again, for the most part, it wasn’t even close: Axl Rose easily defeated Scott Weiland, Ted Nugent shot down Phil Labonte, Andy Biersack sacked Chris Motionless, and Shaun Glass shattered Chris Emery. These four putzes will now advance to the next round! PUTZ ON!

Below are the next four match-ups! The polls for these rounds close at 2:30 pm EST tomorrow, Thursday, August 13.


danzig vs zombieDanzig was undoubtedly an influence on Zombie, but when it comes to being a putz, has the student now become the master? While Danzig has become a total joke who dominated by his ego and his love of french onion soup, Zombie balances making the same record over and over and over again with making boring, inept horror movies and making sure his wife has a job. Which one of these doofuses is more offensive? The choice is yours!


Fasciana is a racist, homophobic liar; Montgomery is a devoutly religious, homophobic liar. If Fasciana has the slight edge here, it’s only because his music isn’t as terrible as Montgomery’s. Still, perhaps he should be confined to a vat of his beloved chocolate milk? You decide!

bret vs cc

For three decades, these two have been making less-than-beautiful music together. DeVille is like the Kerry King of glam metal — his solos are unstructured noise — but at least he has never had a reality show. Or a line of pet products. Or proclaimed himself to be a “weather nerd.” Or recorded a bad EDM song. Or… y’know what, maybe you should just go ahead and vote for Bret.

radke vs kurlzz

If we’re being honest, Da Kurlzz is only here because we wanted to include a member of Hollywood Undead, and while we can’t tell any two dudes from that group apart, Kurlzz had the dumbest name. Radke, on the other hand, is easy to distinguish: he’s a talentless criminal! Which putz is putzier, though? Vote now!

THE BRACKET SO FAR (click to enlarge):

biggest putz bracket day 3

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