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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 18, 2014


Early Seasons Redemption

It’s mid-March but the snow still is falling. I heard some birds chirping recently and was actually kind of confused; I forgot what that Spring serenity feels like. But they all flew the fuck away like good little birds when I cranked up the jams below. So fly back south (of heaven), you don’t need no summertime foreplay *shakes head back and forth* when you can get saucy on the real Shit That Comes Out Today!


Ageless Oblivion - PenthosAgeless Oblivion
Penthos (Siege Of Amida/Century Media)
On a playlist with: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm, Six Feet Under
Listen Penthos full stream (here)

I rarely let the generic/vanilla tech-death bother me. There’s something inherently technical, mad, and wondrous about tech-death to begin with, so there’s always something to hook me even in the bland stuff. This means that even bands who shoot over-par seem like pros compared to some “other” releases below. So, like, Penthos isn’t going to scare away its “on a playlist with” brethren, but at least it’ll keep you occupied after you’re burnt out on the Grade-A shit.


Crystalline (Season Of Mist)
On a playlist with: Sahg, Pilgrim, Vulture Industries
Listen Crystalline full stream (here)
Read Cat Jones MetalSucks review (here)

I can say it a million times: The Season of Mist label team has their shit together. Don’t you think when wading through a list of releases that seeing “Season of Mist” written right there is a little clue? Hark’s Crystalline is dark, moody, grungy, gritty, progressive metal with a jam rock coming out the pores. Didn’t expect anything less and don’t really want anything more!


Menace Impact VelocityMenace
Impact Velocity (Season Of Mist)
On a playlist with: Baroness, The Ocean, Cynic
Listen Impact Velocity full stream (here)

Okay. See above and get ready to comment below. But if today’s STCOT is a Season of Mist circlejerk, please somebody tell me how I’m wrong in thinking that everything on SoM is, well, as delicious as ice cream on a hot day? Um, except for that Order Of Isaz album below (and no, it doesn’t sound like Vulture Industries which was the best band of 2013).


Don Jamieson-HellBent For LaughterDon Jamieson
Hell Bent For Laughter (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: cable television
Listen “That Metal Show, Wedding Songs & Guns n’ F@ckin’ Roses” (here)

That Metal Show — on VH1 Classic if you still have cable — is, um, not for my age group, although I do respect the depth and variety of guests. But an album focused on metal comedy? I mean, go for it, but as much as I love our podcast and other “variety” programming related to metal, I’d much rather just listen to metal than hear about it. But then again I’m writing for MetalSucks and you’re sure as hell reading it! Hm, free time is a sucker!


earth crisis salvation of innocentsEarth Crisis
Salvation Of Innocents (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: Strife, Judge, Integrity
Listen “Out Of The Cages” (here)

Good (metallic) hardcore can’t be ruined by political/social/advocacy under/overtones, and this new Earth Crisis jam is no different. I love music that comes off as it is, straightforward as your asshole lawyer, except much less expensive. In fact, Salvation Of Innocents is so short and sweet that you might as well just spin the track above and quit reading my bitching so you can get down to judging it.


Alter BeastAlterbeast
Immortal (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with: Beneath The Massacre, Burning The Masses, Disfiguring The Goddess
Listen “Flesh Bound Text” (here) “Mutilated Marvel” (here) “Vile Remnants” (here)

This week’s “fuck yeah!” goes out to Alterbeast and their new beast Immortal. It’s plain ol’ fun with, like, 40,000 bazookas and a nuke. Plenty technical for you weekend noodlers, plenty heavy for you moshers, and just enough groove to fill in the rest of the fanbase gaps. Despite its thump-thump-thump interludes and blastbeat tremolo madness, Immortal is unique and sexy and quick.



The Crimson ProjekctApparitions Part 2: The Inferno EP (Infamous Empire) listen listen listen listen
Assassins War Of Aggression (Good Fight) listen listen
Azoria Seasons Change (Doolittle) listen
Bl’ast The Expression Of Power (The Track Sessions) reissue (Southern Lord) listen
The Bunny The Bear Food Chain (Victory) listen listen listen
Buried In Verona Faceless (Razor & Tie) listen listen listen
Coffinworm IV.I.VIII (Profound Lore) listen read
» The Crimson ProjeKCt (King Crimson) Live In Tokyo (Inside Out) listen
i existD-A-D 30 Years 30 Hits: Best of D-A-D (AFM) listen
Demon Hunter Extremist (Solid State) listen listen listen
Dodsferd The Parasitic Survival Of The Human Race (Moribund) listen read
¤ Early Seasons Redemption (Artery) listen
Gus G. I Am The Fire (Century Media) listen
Hiidenhauta Noitia On Minun Sukuni (Inverse) listen
» I Exist From Darkness (Prosthetic) listen
Iron Savior Rise Of The Hero (AFM) listen
Nocturnal-Breed-Napalm-Nights-e1389937168695Lorna Shore Maleficium (Density) listen
Merkabah Ubiquity (Maple Metal) listen
Mother A New Life EP (Rock Your Mother) listen
» Nocturnal Breed Napalm Nights (Agonia) listen
Offenders We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself/Endless Struggle vinyl reissue (Southern Lord) listen
Order Of Isaz Seven Years Of Famine (Season Of Mist) listen
The Prestige Ecotone (Mediaskare) listen
the Pretty Reckless Going To Hell» The Pretty Reckless Going To Hell (Razor & Tie) listen
Ringworm Hammer Of The Witch (Relapse) listen listen
Riotgod Driven Rise (Metalville) listen read
Savage Messiah The Fateful Dark (Century Media/Earache) listen listen
The Socks The Socks (Small Stone) listen listen listen
Storm Warrior Thunder & Steele (Massacre) listen
Suffer Yourself Inner Sanctum (Cimmerian Shade) listen
Twilight III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb (Century Media) listen listen listen read
Twisted Sister You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll/Come Out And Play/Love Is For Suckers reissue (Armoury) listen
Vampire Vampire (Century Media) listen
Years Since The Storm Hopeless Shelter (Artery) listen


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