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What if You Could See the Reverse Angle of Your Favorite Album Covers?

  • Axl Rosenberg

The mighty Emperor Rhombus has brought the Flickr blog The Dark Side of the Covers to our attention, and I am now pretty much obsessed. This is another one of those sites with a simple-yet-clever premise, like The Kitten Covers, Polite Metal Lyrics, and Alternate Metal Album Covers… except I suspect a lot more work goes into The Dark Side of the Covers. Because the aforementioned simple-yet-clever premise is to show the reverse angle on famous album covers. I imagine a lot of time is spent on Photoshop with this one. But it’s worth it!

Here are a few of my favorites… you can check ’em all out here.

Killers ReverseMaster ReverseDream Evil Reverse Cause of Death Reverse British Steel Reverse Tom Reverse Nevermind Reverse

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