Demon Hunter Made the Most Boringest Video of All Time


boring demon hunter video

If you’ve ever dreamt of watching Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark drive around for five minutes — and who hasn’t? — then you are going to LOVE the band’s new video, “I Will Fail You.” Make sure you watch all the way through to the end — there’s a twist that’s more mind-blowing than the ones in The Usual SuspectsThe Crying Game, and The Sixth Sense combined!!!

Okay, all kidding aside, can anyone tell me what the hell that was all about? Was the pitch really “Ryan drives, and it turns out his has hostage, and then, mimicking the feelings of the viewer, he falls asleep, the end”? What is the point of this video? It becomes even more confounding when you read this quote from Clark:

“‘I Will Fail You’ is about the scrutiny that a band like ours of tends falls under. No matter how many times we blatantly express our beliefs, there will always be someone ready to destroy their collection of Demon Hunter albums if they suspect we’re not as ‘holy’ as they’ve managed to project. The obvious problem with this, is that no one is truly holy, and we’re all in need of perpetual forgiveness – a defining theme of what this band has been about from the beginning.”

So, the idea behind the video is that Ryan needs forgiveness for kidnapping a dude and then falling asleep at the wheel, thereby (presumably) killing them both? And there was no way to express that concept without doing nothing for four-and-a-half minutes???

[via Billboard]

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