Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce on Metallica: “They’re Sh*t Now”



Two fun things things about this new Radio.com interview with Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce: first of all, there’s a portion of it where Bruce appears to be jerking off while Worsnop answers a question about what’s missing from rock music today (which is like soliciting opinions about the current state of hip-hop from M.C. Hammer, but whatever).

And second of all, there’s this bit where the duo discusses Nirvana, grunge, and how those things basically “killed” metal in the early 90s. In part, it’s entertaining because of Bruce’s general lack of knowledge regarding the era (he asserts that the only metal band that “managed to hang for dear life was Guns N’ Roses, when they put out the Use Your Illusions records — but those albums came out just a week apart, and it was another couple of years before metal fell out of favor with the MTV crowd… in fact, that version of Guns N’ Roses never released an original album again). But in part, it’s because Bruce also asserts that “Metallica are shit now,” which may be the first and final time Ben Bruce and I ever agree on anything.

Even though I agree with Bruce’s assessment of Metallica in 2014, I’m actually really hoping that this provokes a major Gangs of New York street brawl between stupid young Asking Alexandria fans and in-denial older Metallica fans. That would be REALLY funny to watch, wouldn’t it? So many bloodied swooped hair cuts and ripped-open beer guts!!!

[via Ultimate Guitar… thanks to Tim W. for the tip]

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