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You Guys, This Dust Moth Album!


Dust MothI’ve had the new Dust Moth album Dragon Mouth sitting in an open tab in my browser for a solid two weeks now. It’s so good! Yet I haven’t seen it covered on many (or any?) metal sites.

Maybe that’s because it isn’t really metal — it’s heavy, absolutely, but it’s more about atmosphere and mood, like the Deftones’ more pensive moments.

The band is a supergroup of sorts, featuring members of These Arms Are Snakes, Minus The Bear, Undertow, Aeges and XVIII Individual Eyes, some of which should ring a bell in the minds of MetalSucks readers. Irene Barber’s vocals are absolutely haunting, the perfect accompaniment for the dreamlike, stargazey music the band lays down. Ex-These Arms Are Snakes drum whiz Chris Common mastered the effort, and Matt Bayles of Mastodon fame engineered and mixed it; an all-star crew all around. 

I’m not sure what else I can say that’ll sell you on Dust Moth; just press play on the full album stream below and let your ears do their thing. “Months” might be my favorite track, but you should really give the whole album a spin.

Dragon Mouth is out now. Buy it on vinyl or digitally via Bandcamp.

[via Wondering Sound]

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