This Neil Young Cover by Dave Mustaine’s Daughter and the Dude from Stryper Makes Me Wanna Punch Everyone


It’s almost impossible to definitively judge whether or not someone is being sincere, so I’m aware that everything I’m about to say is kind of bullshitty, and, as usual, I’d ask you to keep in mind that it’s just, like, my opinion, man.

My headline is also misleading: having now listened to Michael Sweet (Stryper) and Electra Mustaine (Dave Mustaine’s Testicles) cover Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” while watching the video and listened to it just as an audio track, I can say it’s not so much the cover itself that makes me wanna play Whac-An-Herb, but, rather, the visuals of the accompanying clip. And the reason for that, simply put, is that Sweet and Mustaine’s every move strikes me as being totally phony and affected. Y’know when you see a really bad actor, and you can just see them acting — like “Okay, now I’m pick up this glass, now I’m supposed to walk to the other side of the room,” etc.? It’s irritating because there’s absolutely nothing natural about it; as an audience member, you should never see the wheels spinning. That’s how this video feels to me: like Michael Sweet was thinking, “Oh, this is the part where I scrunch up my face to show I’m feeling feelings,” and Electra Mustaine was thinking “Oh, this is the part where I close my eyes and move my hand in sync with the melody so that it shows I’m really lost in the music.” It’s like when you meet someone who is just SO FUCKING OVER-EXPRESSIVE that you’re just like, “Okay, you are clearly full of shit.” And the fact that the whole thing is shot in this over-saturated, super-gauzy manner isn’t helping dispel that notion.

So, yeah. Fuck this video.

“Heart of Gold” appears on Michael Sweet’s new solo album, I’m the Cause of Your Suicide, which is out now.

[via Metal Insider]

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