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  • Axl Rosenberg

Godflesh Nails Joy

So first I read I this on The PRP

“Godflesh will have a new EP titled Decline & Fall out on June 02nd. The groups much anticipated new studio album A World Lit Only By Fire will follow in late September with both releases due on band frontman Justin K. Broadrick’s own Avalanche Records.”

…and then I had go to change my underwear. Y’know, on account of the spunk.

So the only thing that needs to happen now is for Decline and Fire to not be disappointing. I have faith in you, Misters Broadrick and Green!

Funny side note: Broadrick is releasing a new eight-string signature guitar via Blakhart, and when he made the announcement on Facebook, some of his followers started making the obvious “Oh Broadrick is using eight-strings so the new Godflesh album must be djent” djoke. Broadrick’s response?

“To answer a few questions here, firstly, I am unsure as to what Djent is! I have been playing an 8 string guitar for a few years now, first release that was 8 string was the Jesu ‘Christmas’ EP in 2010. All new Godflesh, both the EP and the new LP, were written and recorded with an 8 string, mainly due to the ability to tune even lower coupled with the capability to achieve more complex dissonant chords and riffs. On the latest jesu LP ‘Every day I….’, ‘The Great Leveller’ is with 8 string guitar….”

In my imagination, Broadrick is both incredibly cool and not-at-all plugged into the mainstream, so I’m not surprised he’s unfamiliar with djent. That being said, I would really love to hear him cover Periphery’s “Icarus Lives!”. I imagine it would sound a lot like the original “Icarus Lives!”, only much slower and sadder, like “Icarus Lives :(“.

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