Breaking the Law

Solitary Son is in Jail

  • Axl Rosenberg

brandon ellery gunThere’s a very slight possibility I’m gonna get killed in a drive-by or something for writing this post, but those are just the kinds of risks I’m willing to take you for, our beloved readers. I’m like the Sebastian Junger of metal, only not rich, famous, or ruggedly handsome.

ANYWAY, y’all remember Bronson Ellery, right? He’s the genius behind Solitary Son, who, in the timespan of just two music videos, have become one MetalSucks’ favorite metal acts of all time. And as classy and talented as Ellery is, you’d think he’d have his shit together, and his day job would be working as a dermatologist or something, right? Shocking, I know, but that’s actually not the case: Ellery is part of the The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, a “one-percenter” motorcycle gang who have “a long and brutal history of illegal activity” and describe themselves as “the people our parents warned us about.”

And now Ellery has been charged with “wilful damage, attempting to pervert the cause of justice and two counts of breach of bail,” according to See, one of Ellery’s fellow Bandidos was recently arrested for wilful damage after vandalizing a car; allegedly, Ellery went to see the vehicle owner who is pressing charges and told him, “We followed you. We know where you live. We know where you work.” Unfortunately for Ellery, the victim recorded audio of the entire conversation, and the heavily-tattooed musical prodigy was subsequently arrested. Ellery has claimed that he quit the Bandidos last year after a friend was murdered, and his mother claims he’s “no bikie.” But, y’know. If they have him on tape threatening someone, he’s probably in deep shit, “bikie” or not.

The best part of the report on Ellery’s arrest, however, is this quote from the man himself:

“I’ve only one goal, to have my music heard by the whole world and be famous doing music.”

Well… his has kind of achieved his goal now, hasn’t he?

Thanks: Alex M.

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