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Devin Townsend is Writing a Book!

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A Devin Townsend book? Sure, why not! I mean, the guy’s only released a bajillion albums in a bajillion minus one different styles, produced a circus-like live show, toured the world, created his own videos, run MetalSucks for a day and generally become one of the most well-respected mad genii in music. I’m sure whatever he writes will be great, and I already want a copy without even knowing anything else about it.

Here’s Devin’s description of the book he’s working on, Only Half There, via

With this book I really want to discuss music, my creative process, the connection between my personal development and how my career and music has been lived, and I want to do it frankly and in detail. I want to offer up my experiences – positive and negative – so that it might help other people to follow their muse and get to do what they dream about. I want to contrast what people assume this life and work is based on, with the reality. It’s so easy to get lost in addiction, accolades and criticisms instead of creating music, but essentially that is the healthiest thing in the world: going where the music takes you is so important.

This book is part manual and part diary. It’s a travelogue, a songbook, a celebration, elucidation and condemnation; it’s my story, told by me, for you. If you want it…

It sounds as if Only Half There will be a hybrid autobiography and personal philosophy text, which seems fascinating to me; Devin’s got so much to say on so many topics (have you read any of our interviews with him?), and while a linear account of his life could certainly be interesting I’m way more enthused about the diary / philosophical part. What makes him tick? How does he write music? How does he balance family with work? Etc.

Only Half There is not quite reality yet, though: the book’s publisher, Rocket 88, is asking anyone who’s interested in this book to register so they can “determine how much interest there is for such a book.” Register here to let them know you care. Little do they know they’re going to be overwhelmed by registrations.

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