Nader Sadek Re-Records “Mechanic Idolatry” with Members of Cattle Decapitation and Monstrosity


Nader Sadek has re-recorded the track “Mechanic Idolatry” from his 2011 album, In the Flesh, with an all-star support team. Why has he done this? Sadek’s explanation is lengthy, but if you enjoyed In the Flesh, it’s worth reading:

In the final video of “In The Flesh,” the curse of petroleum traps faceless protagonists in a vicious cycle of dismemberment and rebirth. Breaking down body parts and reappropriating them into engine parts, the infernal Machine accumulates those parts in order to extend and intensify this process. Caught in this loop, the song functions as a ritual that links the divine skies with the underground, an ancient past with the cradle of damnation.

Sadek states: “For the final video, it was important for me to shoot at the ancient Crystal Altar in Egypt, cutting it with footage from the New York City underground. Conceptually, I wanted to broaden the scope and scale of the project, and to reaffirm the global afflictions caused by our petro worship. In a sense, the underground has risen and the surface has sunk, and with this video and the album “In the Flesh,” listeners get snared in the protagonist’s nonlinear time loop: manufactured, dismembered, and released into the vacant desert, his prayer for survival is denied as he is consumed by the unending circle of death.”

Sadek continues: “In The Flesh” and the more music-based projects prior to it were exactly that, projects. Nader Sadek was never a band or band name for that matter. The projects continue to grow and change, and it’s become very interesting to hear different artists reinterpret the material. Three years after its original inception, this song (“Re:Mechanic”) needed some new personality, and I think the re-recording with Travis Ryan, Mike Hrubovak, Tim Rocheny, Orestis Nalmpantis and Kelly Conlon with a superb intro by Martin Rygiel, has given it more strength and power. Personally, I think the new version is refreshing. The “Re:Mechanic” re-fix peaks with this video, and I’m honored that Decibel and Terrorizer are premiering it together!

Additionally, re-recording this material has given me an opportunity to distance myself legally and creatively from commercial enterprises such as Season of Mist and Greyhaze Records, who I believe refused to understand the project as a whole and marketed it—to the limited extent that they did–as a “band.” We are, in fact, putting together a band, and of course it will not bear my name as band name. More on that very soon. For now, I am very excited to take the project on the road for a Canadian and European tour. Thank you to all who have followed it so far.

Sadek sounds super-serious, but watching the video, it seems to me that the dude has a sense of humor (literal air drumming!). Maybe I’m misreading that. In any case, you should definitely check out the video (below)… hopefully we get some more concrete details on Sadek’s new band soon.

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