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By the Time Mötley Crüe Retire, 40% of Their Releases Will Be Greatest Hits Collections

  • Axl Rosenberg

motley crue too many greatest hits collectionsMötley Crüe are (allegedly) getting ready to call it a day, but not before releasing at least one more song, the subtly-titled “All Bad Things Must End.” But if they’re just releasing one new track, does that mean they’re just releasing the single all by its lonesome?

NO! According to Billboard‘s new interview with Tommy Lee, the song will be included in a new greatest hits collection, which the band hopes to have out by the time they kick off their farewell tour in July. And, okay, a band on the way out releasing a greatest hits album does make sense… until you consider this fun little fact brought up by Metal Insider: this will be Mötley Crüe’s SIXTH greatest hits compilation (not counting multiple live releases)… and they only have nine albums. That’s fucking bonkers!!! Especially when you consider there are at least five songs which appear on each and every collection  (“Shout at the Devil,” “Kickstart My Heart,” “Dr. Feelgood,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls”) and a ton more that appear on almost every collection (“Wild Side,” “Looks That Kill,” “Looks That Kill,” etc.). There is really no reason whatsoever for this band to have this many greatest hits releases. It’s not even like the band can claim that some label is doing it because they have the contractual right to, even without the blessing of the band: many of these have new material on them, suggesting The Crüe was very active in their planning. If they continue to manufacture these at this rate, they’ll have more greatest hits compilations than actual studio albums within the next ten years. The only other band I can think of who have that kind of record is Poison, who have six greatest hits albums and seven studio albums (one of which is mostly covers).

I don’t know if I hope it never comes to that or I hope it does come to that. Just because it would be kinda funny.

In not-quite-related news, the same interview also features some stuff about the upcoming film adaptation of The Dirt, which includes this gem of a quote from Mr. Lee:

“How the hell are we gonna rate this thing? Triple R?”

Holy shit, has this guy not seen a movie poster, like, ever? Even if he somehow completely missed the inception of the NC-17 rating in 1990, the MPAA implemented the X rating in 1970, when Lee was eight years old. But he thinks they just add an “R” every time they wanna emphasize the adult content of a movie. I think Tommy’s syphilis has finally reached his brain.

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