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Metal Kid Didn’t See it Coming


Today in ridiculous mosh pit videos, we have this LiveLeak clip from an unidentified dubstep concert in which some kid sucker punches some other kid while said other kid is in the midst of participating in a circle pit.

In addition to being both hilarious and horrifying, the video raises several questions, such as:

  1. If this happened a dubstep show, why is it titled “Metal Kid Didn’t See it Coming”?
  2. Why did the attacker attack?
  3. They’re circle pitting at dubstep shows now?
  4. As a fan of extreme music, should I be upset that this other form of extreme music is co-opting a part of the culture of the kind of extreme music I like? In other words… is it okay that they’re circle pitting at dubstep shows now?
  5. Is okay that I’m using “circle pit” as a verb?

We may never know the answers to these mysteries… but we can watch this poor guy get decked again and again and again. Slapstick, y’all!

Metal Kid Didn’t See it Coming


[via Metal Insider]

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