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More Fun Times with Lie or Liar

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Peanut Gallery BannerSo here’s something fun that happened today.

I’m sure you all remember Lie or Liar, who have emerged as the finest unsigned band of the decade. Well, earlier today, I had a little exchange with that band’s guitarist/vocalist, Scott Prick Prisk, on my Facebook page. Responding to Vince’s recent article about the current lack of creative risk-taking amongst popular metal bands, Prisk wrote:

Prisk 1

To which I responded:

Prisk 2

Which led to this exchange:Prisk 3Prisk 4

(It’s actually a really good thing he corrected his “your”/”you’re” era, because I was about to point out that it was not, in fact, my welcome. Also, it was the second time during this exchange that he neglected to use an apostrophe. Poor apostrophes. What did they ever do to him?)

Prisk 5

And then Vince got involved, and shared a little secret I actually wasn’t going to divulge…

Prisk 6

…but now that the cat’s out of the bag, fuck it. Here’s how we found out about this abysmal band in the first place (click to enlarge):

MR Email 1

We actually get e-mails like this all the time — and by “like this,” I mean someone writing to us to gloat about some vague association with a band we hate (e.g., “We’re opening for Emmure!”, “John Otto guests on our demo!”, etc.). They really drive us nuts because they demonstrate that the person who sent the e-mail did absolutely no research about MetalSucks before contacting us. If Mr. Raphael had taken ten seconds to search for Linkin Park on the site, he could have guessed that he was barking up the wrong tree.

Not that that’s why we wrote about them. We wrote about them because they’re abysmal, and we have fun making fun of things we find abysmal. The site is called “MetalSucks,” y’know?

So then this happened (click to… you get it):

MR Email 2MR Email 3MR Email 4

Sad trombone.

(Oh, and it was actually vocalist/rapper Phoenix Raphael’s dad who e-mailed us, not Prisk’s. But at this point, whatever.)

So. What can we learn from this little incident, friends?

  1. If you’re trying to get someone to check out your unsigned band, do some research on that person first. If your band sounds like Winger, you would probably not submit your demo to Southern Lord, would you? You should treat every potential listener that same way, especially if all you’re interested in is good press. Although…
  2. …there’s no such thing as bad press, which Prisk at least seems to understand. Although he will now forever be known as the guy who “doesnt” understand apostrophes, which he could probably live without.
  3. If you’re a musician, you should probably not respond publicly to the critics… but if you absolutely must respond, for the love of Christ, think carefully about what you’re saying so that said critic doesn’t now have ammunition to call you an idiot again.


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