Dave “‘Murica” Mustaine Records U.S. National Anthem for Conservative Documentary


Captain MustainicaWhen are you simpletons all gonna get it through your thick skulls that Dave Mustaine doesn’t wanna discuss politics anymore?!?! People keep misunderstanding his nuanced comments about the state of the world, its citizens, and its government, so he just cannot keep commenting on these issues… what he says and does is too likely to be used as part the internet’s ongoing smear campaign against him. So everyone just stop asking him about politics already, alright? Sheesh.

In totally unrelated news, Mustaine has recorded a cover of the United States National Anthem for America, the upcoming documentary from Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative Indian-born filmmaker and author whose previous credits include 2016: Obama’s America, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, and Obama’s Mama’s Pajamarama. The first title, which holds the honor of being the second-highest grossing documentary of all time, has a stunning 26% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and was widely praised by the media for its impartial look at our sitting president, as evidenced by these blurbs from reviews of the film:

“D’Souza’s demented anti-Obama crusade feels personal more than political.”

2016 hammers at suspicions, not issues — a dishonorable tactic whether from the right or the left.” -Newsday

“A nonsensically unsubstantiated act of character assassination.” -Entertainment Weekly

“At once both outrageous and deeply boring.” -Village Voice

“Conservatives have Dinesh D’Souza. Liberals have Michael Moore. We all lose.” -Boxoffice Magazine

“Anti-Obama documentary trades objectivity for persuasion.” -Common Sense Media

“Disturbing, but dubious.” -Philadelphia Inquirer

“The evidence is highly selective.” -Q Network Film Desk

“[This] unsubstantiated mess isn’t much of a movie or a documentary.” -Boston Phoenix

“The film flutters to the ground like so much GOP convention confetti, all assertions, few facts and little substance.” -McClatchy-Tribune News Service

“Not interviewed by the filmmakers are Obama’s political supporters, but this isn’t that kind of documentary. At a show on Saturday night, the film’s conclusion was met with claps and cries of ‘Romney!,’ ‘Ron Paul!,’ ‘Reagan!’ and ‘Another Reagan!’” -The New York Times

Hopefully, working with such a non-partisan scholar as D’Souza will finally clear up any misconceptions about Mustaine’s political leanings.

Unsurprisingly, Mustaine’s approach to the piece is characteristically humble and scholarly: the Megadeth mainman admits “no version of our national anthem is or will ever be better than the original,” referring to Francis Scott Key’s 1814 release, which was magically captured on tape more than sixty years before audio recording was invented.

So stand up, take off your hat and put it over your heart, and show some respect for Dave Mustaine’s cover of “The Star-Spangled Banner” (below). And for the love of Christ, please lay him off him with the political shit already, will ya?

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