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Are Faith No More Working on a New Album?


Faith No MoreMS reader Josh K. has alerted us to the fact that Faith No More announced via Facebook yesterday that they’ve finally caught up with 2008 and launched a Twitter account. Which wouldn’t be especially noteworthy, if not for the contents of their first ever Tweet:

Would we be reading into things too much if we were to take that as a hint that they’re working on new music? The dismissal of the reunion as “fun” and the proclamation that “now it’s time to get a little creative” — and the fact that bands tend to join new social networks when they have something to promote — it would all add up.

We could of course just take Mike Patton (who we’re guessing posted the band’s first ever Tweet, based on the photo) at face value and assume he just meant it’s time to get creative with Twitter, but why would we ever take Mike Patton at face value?

Which begs the question: if Faith No More are indeed working on new music, is that a good thing?

Axl and I have long gone on record as saying reunion albums are a bad idea — we’d rather the untarnished legacy and nostalgic memory of our favorite bands of all time remain intact — but Carcass proved us wrong, as did FNM contemporaries Alice in Chains (Soundgarden, on the other hand, released a completely forgettable dud of a reunion album).

So do the FNM dudes have it in them? On the plus side, they’ve got 15+ years of riffs and ideas to build songs upon, and, like Alice in Chains, can choose only the best of those. On the other hand, man… I really hope any potential new FNM music doesn’t blow and sully the band’s reputation. This news inspired me to pop on Angel Dust for my morning listening sesh, and I got chills within the first 10 seconds. Anything less than chill-inducing new music will be a disappointment. That’s how much respect I have for this band and that’s how much I love them. I know it’s unfair of me to set such lofty standards for dudes I don’t even know, but that’s how I feel.

We will, naturally, keep you posted.

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