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We May Be Getting That New AC/DC Album and Tour Sooner Than We Thought


AC/DC 2013

We already knew that AC/DC are working on a new album, and that AC/DC albums are generally followed by AC/DC tours. But I don’t think we had any idea that the band would get ‘er done this year.

And yet, that is a “very likely” possibility, to hear Brian Johnson tell it. The vocalist says (via his, um, drag racing website):

“Hello everyone, i just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words about [Johnson’s television show] Cars That Rock. Your encouragement means a lot to me. This was my first ever go at presenting a TV series and even though it may not show, i was real nervous and so am very relieved that you all seem to be enjoying it. We hope to bring you more shows in the near future but, of course, there is the slight distraction of my day job with AC/DC – and it looks very likely that we will be on the road again before the end of the year. So stand by for more music – and more Cars That Rock.”

So although Johnson doesn’t specifically say anything about a new album, Metal Insider wisely surmises that ” there will presumably be an AC/DC album coming this fall, since they probably wouldn’t be hitting the road without an accompanying album.”

But truthfully — and there’s no nice way to say this — who cares about a new AC/DC album? They are the very definition of “legacy band,” and they’ve basically just been writing the same shit over and over since at least Back in Black. And the fact that founding guitarist and principal songwriter Malcom Young has been forced to retire due to health reasons, there’s even less evidence to suggest that a new offering from AC/DC would be of any real interest.

But a new AC/DC tour… well… that would be something about which to be thunderstruck (tee-hee). I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a jaw-droppingly amazing show these dudes put on.

More news as we get it…

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