Breaking the Law

Charges Against One Dude from King 810 Dismissed; Other Dude May Face Trial

  • Axl Rosenberg

King 810 Mug ShotsWere you buggin’ out because King 810 members David Gunn (vocals) and Eugene Gill (bass) were recently arrested for assault and, therefore, in serious danger of missing their scheduled appearance on this summer’s Mayhem Fest? If you were, I assume it’s because you like King 810, and congratulations are in order — those adult literacy classes are really paying off, I presume, because you’re reading this! As a wise man once said, pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake.

You should also know that King 810 will NOT be missing Mayhem, because according to Lambgoat, “the charges against frontman David Gunn have been dismissed,” and “while the case against bassist Eugene Gill was bound over for court (i.e. the charges remain and the case may go to trial),” the judge says the bassist is still allowed to tour, I suspect because you’re not much of a flight risk when your travel itinerary is on the internet. Also because the members of King 810 are still operating under the assumption that the world is flat, so Gill probably wouldn’t run very far anyway, lest he fall off the edge of the earth. 

So there you have it: the American legal system is nothing if not a patron of the arts.

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